Delamode: Freight Forwarding


Delamode’s freight forwarding division operates internationally and has its own offices in the following countries; the UK, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Moldova and Romania.

The division has grown significantly over the last five years, achieved through service development, opening of new offices and establishing close relationships with strategic global partners.

As a specialist in connecting Eastern Europe with Global markets, Delamode prides itself on the delivery of high quality groupage, full and part load transportation, sea and air freight services. The division seamlessly combines with our logistics division to provide fully integrated warehousing, logistics and fulfilment solution.

Delamode acts as a broker and collects and consolidates freight on behalf of its customers. It does not own trucks or employ drivers within its freight forwarding business: these services are sub-contracted to third party hauliers (many of whom are clients of Affinity). The business model operates on both a “full truck load” basis (“FTL”), which is where the customer requires the capacity of an entire trailer, and on a “consolidated” basis where the Group consolidates freight from several customers onto a single trailer, also referred to as groupage or “less than full load” (“LTL”).

The Group has a proprietary database of more than 3,000 hauliers which are matched to the requirements of its customers, largely by reference to price, availability and service.

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EshopWedrop was established to satisfy the growing demand in internet shopping by consumers based outside of the main Western European countries, where distribution options are limited or the delivery costs are high.

EshopWedrop is a service that overlays Delamode’s existing B2B groupage routes with a B2C delivery service, enabling consumers to make online purchases in the UK, Poland, Italy and Germany. EshopWedrop facilitates and reduces the cost of delivering e-purchases from UK, Italian, German and Polish retailers by overseas businesses and consumers. It achieves this by consolidating a large number of individual items into consignments that are delivered, firstly, to a central consolidation hub and then transported using the Group’s freight forwarding infrastructure to the destination country; the “final mile” delivery is contracted to local courier operators.

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