4 Key Supply Chain Processes at Christmas

For many, the planning for Christmas 2022 more than likely began in summertime, or even before that, believe it or not. However as the season is just around the corner we felt it might be helpful to go over some preparation tips which could be helpful in the run up to Christmas, or indeed any period of peak sales and activity. 

  1. Organise Existing Inventory

A stock take at the end of Summer is always a wise decision. Checking your stock levels are correct and putting in place a stock management plan or system will give you all the information you need to order low stock or indeed be transparent with customers on certain stock levels and the likelihood of receiving them in time for Christmas delivery. 

  1. Sourcing Supply

Once you have an idea on stock levels you will then know which items you need more of and hopefully, based on previous data, you will know what sells well in peak times in order to stock up. It is also wise to source alternative sources of supply in case usual suppliers run out or have long lead times. Following Covid and recent Brexit interference, many businesses have alternate nearshore options. This means businesses are able to obtain stock quickly and avoid long transport times or possible delays.

  1. Transparency and Communication

Keeping communications open with your customers and suppliers will strengthen loyalties. Customers especially prefer to be kept informed and if they are offered end to end traceability they are more likely to turn to you for goods in the future. 

  1. Lean on Tech

In order to keep on top of stock levels and offer traceability you will need to use the latest technologies such as AI and Internet of Things (IOT). These technologies not only offer the customer an opportunity to track their items but it is also a way for companies to have complete transparency on where they source goods and the entire life cycle of products which is something much more in demand nowadays. 

For Christmas or any seasonally busy period it is important to be prepared and much of this preparation can be made in quieter times. It can also be beneficial to outsource fulfilment in order to ensure expert handling and experience in these areas. At Xpediator we offer Freight Forwarding, providing international freight management services by road, air or sea as well as warehousing and port centre logistics services. To find out how we can help in the future you can contact us on, [email protected] or call us on +44 (0) 1376 333 000.

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