5 Tips to Consistent fulfilment during increased demand.

With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic creating increased demand on eCommerce in 2020, almost 150% compared to 2019, it has brought with it many lessons for eCommerce fulfilment companies. Adapting to increased demand is the number one issue facing businesses globally during this time. Staying flexible and streamlining processes is the key to keeping on top of fulfilment. These five areas are a great place to start in order to encourage maintained eCommerce fulfilment during times of increased demand.

  1. Order Management Systems

There is a multitude of ways that customers can order nowadays, whether it is directly from your website or marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Keeping track of all these orders in one place will help to streamline stock levels and inventory management. Keeping your stock up to date on all available platforms will prevent your customers from searching elsewhere. 

  1. Customer Communications

Businesses have reported that staying in touch with their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic has helped to keep loyal relationships going. If customers are kept informed they are less likely to stray elsewhere, especially your regular customers. It is important to offer the best customer service as when demand increases so will your customer enquiries, so make sure you are offering the best level of service possible. 

  1. Constant Review

Use start to end data to your advantage, reviewing your processes from order to delivery can give you a real insight into where you can improve and deliver the best possible service. Data can tell you many different things, are delivery costs putting customers off? Are your stock levels reading correctly? Are deliveries with certain partners delayed? Use this data to improve and stay abreast of the ever-changing environment.

  1. Website Optimisation

Customers want their purchase experience to be as simple and fast as possible. If your website is experiencing lags or asking too much of your customers then they may well abandon their purchase. In addition to this make sure your website can handle any increase in orders and ensure that unforeseen demand won’t cause your ordering process to slow down or fail completely. 

  1. Stay Personal 

Following on from maintaining positive customer relationships, it is also vital that you treat each customer as an individual. Continue to offer a personalised service, as soon as you lose the care and attention that is present during quieter times you will lose the interest of your clientele. 

If you are struggling to meet demand and you are not yet outsourcing your fulfilment, it could be a great opportunity to explore this option. Utilising the above tips will help to maintain a high standard of customer service whilst partnering with an outsourcing eCommerce fulfilment comapny will enable you to concentrate on the continued growth of your business.

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