5 Ways Outsourcing eCommerce Fulfilment Can Save You Money

If we were to ask business owners what their most precious commodity is they would likely say ‘time’. It is therefore no surprise that eCommerce retailers who find their business is experiencing rapid growth, look to outsourcing the processes of picking, packing and shipping or orders. 

As eCommerce sales continue increasing their share of overall retail sales year on year, it is inevitable that businesses will look for ways to adapt and make the most of potential cost savings from selling online. 

  1. Tap into Experience

No need to waste time and money researching the best shipping options or interviewing and paying for new staff to cover the picking and packing process, outsourcing has this covered. 

  1. Extend Networks

Outsourcing fulfilment gives you access to a much larger network, this can lead to a greater reach for your products and services. This could greatly benefit sales by extending into new locations and audiences globally, all under one umbrella of cost.

  1. Create Space

With outsourcing you will gain storage space for your inventory at their fulfilment centres or warehousing. This will allow you to free up space in your existing building to expand in other ways or in fact reduce costs by moving to a smaller location. 

  1. Reduce Error Costs

With experienced outsourcing you will gain a team of experts who can pick, pack and ship orders and decrease the likelihood for errors. This also applies to returns, often offering services which will deal with any return items and provide a seamless, cost effective process for your and your customers. 

  1. Increase Growth Opportunities

All the above can contribute to scalability, allowing attention to focus back on the development of the business and potential areas of growth. This will of course offer more income potential, and with costs saved from outsourcing could free up capital to invest in the future of your eCommerce business. 

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