A Guide to Exporting With a Freight Forwarder

Freight forwarding is an industry which involves the movement of goods globally on behalf of companies and businesses wishing to export those goods. A freight forwarder works between the exporting company and the shipping company and will save companies time and money, specifically on the export of large shipments. For smaller shipments it is probably more cost effective to use a courier service. 


If you are unsure what a freight forwarder can provide then this guide should go some way to inform you of the extensive services provided by organisations like Xpediator and how this could benefit your business.


Fee Negotiations


When you assign a third party to handle your logistics operations it can be advantageous in many ways, however the number one advantage is that they are most likely to have an extensive network of contacts which gives them leverage to negotiate fees on your behalf.


Expert Knowledge on Exporting Goods


The greater the experience the more industry knowledge that is obtained. This could be anything from the specific export/import regulations from country to country to more general best practices for moving goods and which freight option will serve you best. Industry knowledge will also help with more niche and specialist problems such as the movement of dangerous or perishable goods.


Packing for Exportation


Packing goods for export is much more specialised than those headed for national destinations. It requires adhering to specific regulations of the country it is travelling to and for exit from the UK too so as not to delay shipments unnecessarily. These rules are also subject to change at any time, therefore industry insiders are more likely to be up to date on these changes and know what to do to efficiently implement them with minimal disruption. 


Customs Documentation and Clearance 


A big part of exporting goods is the amount of documentation required such as customs and insurance. Much like specialised packing, documentation must be filled out correctly so as not to delay shipments or incur additional, unexpected costs. Experienced freight forwarders deal with an untold amount of paperwork for export and can expertly complete the necessary forms and documentation to ensure your shipments are sent seamlessly. 


At Xpediator we are committed to delivering flexible supply chain solutions through our world class customer service. We can offer you a tailored solution to suit your business needs. To find out more or for further enquiries please contact us: [email protected]

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