Brexit – An Update on Preparations

The road to Brexit has been a long and dramatic one, dampened slightly by the occurrence of the unforeseen and unprecedented disruption of COVID-19.

Rightly so, warehousing and logistics companies have been focussed on managing the COVID-19 crisis; however with the Brexit transition period coming to an end, it is important to shift focus back to the changes that lie ahead, come 1st of January 2021.

It is hoped that a decision will be made by October 31st, however current uncertainty is leaving freight management services and the logistics industry with little to no clarity on moving forward. It presents a huge challenge and not knowing what is coming makes it hard for businesses to prepare. 

The negotiation of a trade deal should place the freight forwarding and logistics industry at the forefront of decisions to ensure the UK maintains its place in the global marketplace. There are still many gaps in information and more information is needed.

Technology will play a major role in aiding the operation of warehousing and logistics companies post-Brexit, therefore investment in new technologies to support new infrastructure and processes is vital. Data is hugely important in order to keep importers, exporters, groupage service providers and customs informed before, during and at the point of delivery. 

As an industry, international freight forwarders now await the governments, in providing further information on their announcements to understand supply chain logistics services responsibilities and documentation. 

We are now emerging into a very different political and economic situation thanks to the unforeseen destruction of the COVID-19 outbreak. The role of freight transport services, logistics and warehousing need to be prioritised in order to strengthen import and export opportunities. The pandemic has proven that the supply chain logistics industry is vital in the function of our country and in keeping the economy moving during uncertain times. 

Get Brexit Ready with international freight forwarder Xpediator

On behalf of our clients, the Xpediator Group manages the transport support solutions of large volumes of shipments in and out of the UK and has been closely involved in supporting British and European companies prepare for Brexit, offering advice and providing details of how to plan ahead.

For all your UK and EU freight management needs Xpediator representatives will guide you through the process and jargon. What’s more, we can act as your customs clearance representative, giving you the peace of mind that declarations are completed correctly and are compliant.

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