Brexit Ready

Are you Brexit Ready?

On behalf of our customers, the Xpediator Group manages the transportation of large volumes of shipments in and out of the UK and has been closely involved in supporting British and European companies prepare for Brexit, offering advice and providing details of how to plan ahead.

The Group has over 30 years of providing customs advice to clients and in the UK we are a recognised Authorised Economic Operator, the HMRC accreditation demonstrating expertise and allowances relating to customs clearance for import and exports.

To support customers, Xpediator established a Brexit committee over two years ago to prepare the Group and our customers for whatever the Brexit outcome. To satisfy the additional demand for custom entries and to ensure a high degree of technical expertise Xpediator has also put in place a Customs Control Tower.

Below are the key steps all companies should take to ensure they are Brexit ready…

Obtaining an EORI Number

An active EORI number (Economic Registration and Identification) is needed for customs clearance for all imports and exports. If you do not currently have an EORI you will need to apply now. It is free to apply and takes only a few minutes to complete the application here:

Obtain an EORI Number

Brexit Health Check

To help the Group’s clients along the Brexit path we have put together a Brexit Health check, which will help you assess your Brexit readiness and help you put in place any missing safeguards in good time.

Click here to start your Brexit Health Check

Have you applied for an Transitional Simplified Procedure (TSP)?

If you import goods from EU to the UK, you can register for Transitional Simplified Procedure (TSP).

Businesses can register for TSP if they:

  • have an EORI number
  • are established in the UK
  • are importing goods from the EU into the UK

To register, visit this website: 

Apply for TSP

Do you have a Duty Deferment Account?

To apply for a Duty Deferment Account, please use the link below. 

We strongly recommend that you apply today and once known, inform your local Xpediator office of your duty deferment number along with written authority to use it.

If you do not want to apply for a Duty Deferment Account, Xpediator can offer a deferment service for a fee, please email us for more information:

Apply for Duty Deferment Account

Do you have a record of the correct commodity codes for the EU goods you buy?

Put simply, a CPC code (Customs Procedure Code) identifies the reason why you are importing or exporting.

The code describes the purpose of your shipment which in turn directly determines how your shipment is processed and ultimately, if, how, when and from whom duties and taxes are collected.

To check the commodity codes for your goods go to:

Commodity Codes

Would you like us to complete your customs declarations?

For all your EU logistics needs Xpediator can guide you through the process and jargon.

Contact our Brexit experts by contacting us using the below.

We will guide you through the process of allowing the  Xpediator Group to act as your direct representative.

Contact Us 

Contact Us

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