BuzzBrand helps to set up and launch new ventures and enable established eCommerce businesses to grow.

Ecommerce is a growing and flourishing industry but often for new ventures and even more established businesses managing and growing an eCommerce business is a challenging and daunting process.

Upon identifying this as a gap in the marketplace BuzzBrand has been established to provide ecommerce businesses, from start-ups to more established ventures, with solutions that are tailored to support and nurture growth. Using the Group’s expertise BuzzBrand will serve and optimise customers businesses with the offer of a plethora of service options, ranging from business consultancy and marketing to logistics and fulfilment services.

BuzzBrand offers a range of service solutions tailored to match what is needed to grow its client’s online business. Working closely with the client, BuzzBrand offers a personalised approach and set of services, to help start up, small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses grow:

Set Up
Helping you to build a plan and getting your business set up for future success.

Helping clients attract ideal customers through social media, advertising and other marketing.

Improving processes to ensure our clients’ customers receive the ideal shopping experience.

Stock management and product / order fulfilment

Developing business strategies with clients to help them scale, optimise and grow their business.