Xpediator Plc takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and we pledge to continually measure and improve our environmental performance.

With the freight forwarding and warehousing logistics industry being one of the largest contributors towards global CO2 emissions, our target is the continuous improvement of our environmental performance throughout the Group. It is therefore our duty to have a positive environmental attitude and take on our share of the industry’s responsibility by reducing carbon emissions arising from our business activities, especially our freight management services and warehousing activities.

Environmental protection is one of the cornerstones of the Group’s business strategy and the Group’s vision is to develop an environmentally sustainable freight forwarding and logistics network that meets or exceeds the standards of our industry and the demands of our customers and business partners.

The company takes measures and actively promotes positive global environmental principles, locally and across all points of our network, to prevent or minimise our environmental impact and to manage responsibly those impacts that cannot be readily or completely eliminated. Some of these actions are as follows:

  • Track and report on key environmental impact measures and performance indicators, and where required, agree and execute on improvement plans
  • Reduce transport miles by consolidation efficiencies and backload optimisation
  • Shift to the most environmentally friendly mode of transport and vehicle equipment where feasible, and in the meantime, prioritise equipment and vehicles which minimise carbon emissions
  • Comply with all country-specific statutory regulations, and to other standards and conditions relating to our industry
  • For all our facilities and offices, strive to reduce our fuel use, energy consumption and to minimise our waste disposed to landfill
  • Communicate our policy and requirements to all persons working for or on our behalf, including suppliers

The key contributors to the company’s environmental performance will be periodically measured, recorded, and then where required, an action plan agreed with the appropriate management teams. Colleagues are motivated to behave environmentally responsibly during their everyday work activities and to take local initiatives where they believe it is appropriate.

Together, we can all make a difference. Please let us make sure that the Xpediator difference counts.

-October 2022