Demand in Fashion Logistics

Within the Fashion Industry, there are notable peaks and troughs in terms of demand, adapting to the changing environment can be difficult to sustain. With 30 years of experience, we have a significant understanding of these changes and how best to plan for them.

High Demand

It is often mistakenly thought that peak demand will fall around Fashion Weeks with the focus being firmly on the fashion industry and new season trends. However, the busiest period is in fact between November and Christmas. At this point sales will often triple and suppliers will be pushed to reach the heights of demand, making sure their clients are happy and have their expectations met as at any other time of the year is of utmost importance.

Things to Consider

A rapid change in demand can quickly diminish your stock levels and in turn damage the reputation of your business. Getting the balance right can be a difficult task but taking into account your stock levels and processes will help to plan and ultimately prepare for the surge in sales.

Stock Levels:

At times like this where businesses face promotions such as Black Friday, Christmas and New Year Sales it is important to keep stock levels high. It is better to be overstocked at this time of year, rather than run out and risk losing sales.


Making sure processes are smooth and well planned out will assist in getting the most out of the busy periods. Customers will be looking to receive fashion items quickly for Christmas and New Year parties or a quick gift.

In order to make sure these sales expectations are met, it is important to partner with a fashion logistics company that will seamlessly ensure you have greater control over retail supply chain services.

What we offer:

  • A robust operational and IT infrastructure with a spectrum of service products that cater to every stage of the retail logistics supply chain.
  • Flexible and cost-effective delivery services for hanging garment transport and boxed deliveries. We will work with you hand-in-hand to deliver transport support solutions that combine reliability and on-time, in-full deliveries at the lowest possible cost.
  • The pre-retail equipment that we use is of the highest standard, which includes a wide range of steam tunnels, pressing equipment and fully automated bagging and bag sealing systems.
  • We can manage the delivery of your goods from and to anywhere in the world by sea freight provider, air courier or truck transport solutions. We also combine these modes of freight transport services to give multi-modal retail logistics solutions when required.

Using our Group’s service expertise retailers will be positioned to make better decisions earlier, and respond faster to changing consumer demand, with a retail supply chain that’s more agile and transparent. Helping retailers reduce lead times, inventories and associated transport, handling and storage costs – an invaluable asset during your peak season.

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