Employee Spotlight – Cristian Metea

What is your job title?

Groupage Freight Forwarder

How long have you been at Delamode?

6 years

How would you describe your job in 3 words?

Dynamic, Punctual and Sociable

What is your day-to-day in your role?

Prospecting the market, finding new partners and generally making money for the company.

What is your favourite part of your role?

I never do the same thing twice, every day provides me with a new challenge.

What led you to your current role?

I first started to work in logistics for a warehouse, where I was loading and unloading the trucks manually, signing the CMR’s, sealing the trucks. Then i found that I wanted to learn more about this domain, and I started to work for a small expedition company where I learned what this domain really means. After that I came to Delamode as a junior forwarder where I became an experienced senior forwarder. Started from the bottom indeed!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My managers, people from which I have something to learn all the time!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Ping-Pong, Billiards, walks on the mountain. Drinking a beer or a glass of wine with my friends or with my colleagues.

Where is your end goal for your career?

My first goal is to become a team leader at Delamode, we have a beautiful team which I would very much like to develop even more, and I would like to end up as a Country Road Manager.

Picture Metea Cristian
30 08 2022
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