EshopWedrop Gaining Favour in Baltic States

Delamode, the provider of international logistics and freight forwarding services, is pleased to announce the launch of EshopWedrop across the Baltic States in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. EshopWedrop is a new service overlaying existing B2B routes with a new B2C offer, enabling consumers to make online purchases in the UK, Poland and Germany and have their goods delivered quickly and at cost-effective prices.

Delamode has for some time been aware of the frustration amongst consumers in the Baltic states, where the Company has worked for the past 10 years, in their restriction to buy goods online from western markets as the delivery costs have been prohibitive.

EshopWedrop was created to help consumers in Eastern Europe shop online from Western European e-tailers. Since Delamode is already delivering significant shipment volumes into Eastern Europe, it has been relatively straightforward to accommodate B2C deliveries alongside B2B groupage services.

First launched in Lithuania in November 2015, the response to EshopWedrop has been very good. Demand has been driven by the fact that Baltic consumers can now choose from a much wider network of e-tailers, many of whom do not deliver to their country. One of the main drivers for the business is the cost to the consumer. The service has been priced so that the cost of transport is not prohibitive to the purchase for the consumer and they can, therefore, continue to shop competitively online.

Importantly, EshopWedrop is easy for consumers to use and offers many advantages:

  • EshopWedrop supply the customer with an address in the country of purchase for the e-tailer to deliver to – this being one of the Company’s B2B consolidation facilities
  • Once the goods are receipted, they are labelled with a barcode, photographed and it becomes possible for the customer to track their progress
  • Once the goods are dispatched, the customer can then see when the goods arrive at the destination country’s distribution facility.
  • Convenient delivery options: option to have goods delivered to consumer’s homes, work or to a collection point for pick up
  • Currently, customers can order goods online from the UK, Germany and Poland
  • Throughout 2016 new sourcing markets in other countries such as Italy and Spain will be launched

The share of B2C e-commerce in the GDP of a country (“eGDP”) is also a good indicator of the importance of B2C e-Commerce fulfilment within a region. With an eGDP of 1.34%, Eastern Europe has the second-lowest eGDP of all European regions, however, this rate has more than tripled since 2009, indicating a growing demand for these e-Commerce fulfilment services. (source: European B2C E-commerce Report 2015)

Commenting on the announcement, Stephen Blyth, said, “So far EshopWedrop has grown through localised multichannel digital marketing strategies and the speed of the take up has been very strong. It is quite clear that the demand is there and with our existing infrastructure, we have the capability and capacity to deliver a market-leading e-Commerce fulfilment service. The next stage for EshopWedrop is to be launched in Romania in May and eventually, we expect to overlay it across our entire Eastern European network.”

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