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The companies within our freight forwarding division are renowned within the industry for delivering high-quality road transport solutions, air courier and sea freight services.

Xpediator’s acquisition strategy for supply chain logistics solutions is highly selective and transactions are structured to incentivise management teams, whilst protecting Xpediator on the down-side.

The original business, trading as “Delamode”, was established in 1988, providing freight forwarding services in the UK to Eastern Europe and now our Freight management and transportation services are in greater demand than ever before.

As a Group, we are committed to providing dynamic supply chain logistics solutions and innovation within a Global market, focusing on outstanding quality, customer care excellence and cutting-edge technology.

The Group includes industry leaders in the fields of road freight logistics, international air courier and sea freight services.

Our innovative logistics and warehousing ecommerce fulfilment solutions, operated by our warehousing and logistics division, deliver tailored transport solutions for a vast range of industry sectors, including fashion warehousing and retail logistics solutions.

Xpediator’s expert groupage services teams partner with our clients to invent and efficiently implement smart freight forwarding, managed logistics and warehousing activities and transport solutions.

We have grown significantly over the last five years and have become a renowned road freight services provider in Europe connecting the UK with Central Eastern European markets.

As a Group we have offices in the UK, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania and Moldova.

Our global transport network allows worldwide shipping to global markets by international air courier or our extensive, port-centric sea freight services.

As a priority, we source and monitor the use of low emission vehicles for all of our freight forwarding services. We continually develop our route planning and vehicle monitoring to improve load optimisation, ensuring vehicles are moving at full capacity where possible and reduce transport miles.

Through our Pan European operation, we proactively allocate or procure local vehicles to available cargoes, which significantly reduces potential empty running of vehicles. Avoiding congestion and reducing idle time are key areas we promote with our own vehicles and suppliers, which further assist in the reduction of emissions.

Read more about our commitment to sustainable supply chain logistics solutions here.

When considering international freight forwarding, it can be difficult to know whether to ship by air courier or sea freight services. The main considerations should be what it is you are exporting, the production size and weight, the destination and the speed at which it needs to be delivered. Whilst international air couriers are faster and easier to track, sea freight is often the better option for small to medium businesses working on a tighter budget. Learn more about which is right for you here.

Our freight forwarding team will work closely with you to help you adapt to the changes and new regulations for UK and EU bound shipments following the end of the Brexit transition period.

The most important things to remember when using international freight forwarding post-Brexit are:

– Your EORI number
– Commodity codes
– Customs procedure codes (CPC)
– Postponed VAT accounting
– Duty deferment account
– Customs declarations
– Commercial invoices
– Rules of origin
– Mandatory requirements for export invoices
– Wooden pallets/packaging compliance

For any questions on using freight transport solutions, read more here or get in touch today.

Freight forwarding services are largely provided under the Delamode, Benfleet Forwarding Limited and NIDD transport brands. The division specialises in connecting CEE countries and the UK, whilst also offering international freight management solutions via sea and air.


We have experience in B2B and B2C ecommerce fulfilment, supporting retail supply chain and wholesale markets. We are proud to be specialists in supporting customers of all sizes, from start-ups to larger enterprises, with their innovative business strategies and growth objectives.

Our sophisticated ecommerce fulfilment software – WMS – offers seamless integration with our customers’ systems, providing a full audit trail of inbound and outbound movements. Our ability to integrate with any e-commerce delivery and warehousing system keeps customers completely up to date with extensive reports and management information, allowing them to work across multiple channels, monitor stock levels in real time, as well as seamless access to all order statuses and returns information.

You can find out more about our ecommerce fulfilment services here.

As a leading freight management services provider, Xpediator Group provides comprehensive international transport solutions including customs clearance services for import and export shipments. Our specialist knowledge and experience in understanding regulations enable us to offer advice and representation to our clients on all customs-related matters. Our dedicated team of customs clearance experts will guide you through the entire customs process and ensure you are compliant and have all the correct documentation for a seamless and hassle-free freight fowarding experience.

Read more about our customs clearance services here.

Xpediator are a leading provider of e-Commerce fulfilment and integrated freight management services across the UK and Europe.They can provide online consumer marketplaces with e-Commerce delivery and warehousing solutions, to manage their customers’ cross border deliveries and international+A26 freight forwarding.

If you are an marketplace seller looking for Xpediator’s ecommerce fulfilment, warehousing and logistics services, contact us here.

Groupage services define a special type of freight forwarding whereby goods are grouped together and dispatched by several different companies in one collective load. In international trade, part load transport is known by the abbreviation LTT (Less Than Truckload), referring to b2b groupage services.

Groupage services are used by companies wishing to dispatch goods but who only have enough volume for a part load. Freight forwarding specialists offering groupage services can offer to share any space remaining in their truck between several of these companies.

Groupage services offer several advantages to companies who would otherwise have to use part load transport. It allows them to save money on their freight fowarding by sharing transport costs with the other senders. For international freight forwarding, groupage services mean that companies can despatch goods to more destinations, as they don’t need to worry about expensive sea freight or air couriers on their own.

Using knowledge accumulated over the past 26 years, the Xpediator team support their customers freight forwarding with expert advice, helping to drive down cost for their businesses and adding value to their operations. It is this level of groupage services that has established the Group’s long-term customer base, ensuring that shipments are transported in the most reliable and cost-efficient way.

For more information on Xpediator’s groupage services, contact us here.

Xpediator specialise in providing warehousing and logistics services to the fashion and retail supply chain market sectors.
They also facilitate groupage services and ecommerce fulfilment for both B2B and B2C companies.
For transport companies in Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bulgaria, Xpediator gives transport support services including bundled fuel and toll cards and financial services.

If you would like to take advantage of Xpediator’s freight forwarding services, contact us here.