Fulfilling the ECO in E-Commerce Fulfilment

Xpediator Plc is at the sharp end of the revolution which is taking place in e-Commerce delivery and e-Commerce fulfilment industry.

Consumers are demanding faster and more efficient deliveries of a vast variety of goods. At the same time, brands which rely on our e-Commerce fulfilment services, expect the process to keep pace with a maturing appetite among those consumers for sustainable, environmentally sensitive and eco-responsible delivery. The industry recognises that this is a challenge, involving multiple factors but there is a growing understanding that in the end, the change will only happen if you can start getting the small things right. Packaging is a perfect example of this. More and more businesses are looking to e-Commerce fulfilment providers to both guide and support efforts to produce less and less Single-Use Plastics and source packaging materials from sustainable and recyclable materials.

Dave Gladen, Group Marketing Manager for Xpediator Plc said “Our job is to immerse our e-Commerce fulfilment services in the brand values of our customers. That means reflecting the environmental and brand values they already have in place for other aspects of their business by ensuring that we have the capability to advise, source and provide a growing range of eco-friendly packaging as part of the e-Commerce fulfilment process.”

One challenge which faces e-Commerce fulfilment companies is that there are countless brands, each with their own priorities. Dave Gladen, Group Marketing Manager of Xpediator Plc, said on behalf of BuzzBrand, an Xpediator Plc company, which helps e-Commerce fulfilment businesses deliver and grow. “Every brand has its own particular environmental concerns. Some focus on recycling, some on reusability, some on optimising journey rates and the list goes on. What we have found is that by listening closely to each brand and understanding its overall e-Commerce delivery plan or aspiration, we can support their efforts in the way which best meets their goals and this also includes advising, where necessary to help them achieve what they want to. It’s an ongoing process and a rapidly evolving area but one which we believe will occupy more and more importance.”

One client, currently using e-Commerce fulfilment services within the Group, is a clothing brand Ambience Vibes, which was formed by two of the cast from Channel 4’s reality TV show ‘Made in Chelsea’, Melissa Tattam and Harry Baron. Xpediator Group company, Regional Express, a leading e-Commerce delivery company from its warehouses in Southampton is managing the e-Commerce fulfilment process for the brand and has worked closely with Ambience Vibes to reflect its commitment to environmental consciousness. Neil Curran, MD of Regional Express said “Melissa and Harry have made very explicit targets to package their products as sustainably and responsibly as possible, as the brand supports the Big Ocean Clean Up. This has involved sourcing sustainable and recyclable packaging to fit their products, which include an Ocean Recycled Cap made from a blend of ocean recycled plastic, landfill recycled plastic and organic cotton.”

Global e-Commerce sales grew by over 18% in 2018. This rising trend is forecast to continue in 2019 and beyond, offering great opportunities for e-Commerce fulfilment providers who can provide packaging, which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. The Xpediator Group is committed to extending its range of e-Commerce delivery and warehousing services to meet the needs for every distribution strategy, including its environmental policies, in order to provide leading-edge sustainable, eco-friendly fulfilment services globally.

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