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Easy Managed Transport Limited (“EMT’’) – Fashion Logistics Services & Warehousing Solutions

EMT Logistics - fashion logisticsThis leading UK fashion warehousing solutions company was established in 1988 and specialise in fashion logistics and related services. It trades under the name E.M.T Logistics in the UK and Europe is based in Beckton, East London and operates from a purpose-built, rented warehouse of 6,225 sqm, storing up to one million hanging garments.

We pride ourselves on being a specialist fashion logistics company, with a fleet of owned vehicles in the UK and in Europe. Our principal customers are major high street retailers to which we provide hanging garment transport, garment storage and garment on hanger logistics services.

EMT fashion logistics

EMT’s fashion warehousing site at Beckton is in a well-placed location in terms of access to transportation links, which combined with its specialist fleet of vehicles, all equipped with hanging garment transport capacity, makes the EMT site well suited to serving Xpediator’s fashion warehousing clients.

EMT Logistics has 67,000 square feet of fashion warehousing space storing approximately one million garments during the Spring / Summer period and 750,000 garments during the Autumn / Winter period and storage for approximately 3,000 square feet of cloth/trim, which is managed by highly experienced staff for export to Europe and Eastern Europe.

EMT Logistics can provide Pick and Pack as per store allocations; re-belting of garments; de-labelling; adding size cubes to hanger necks and customising hangers with retailer logo stickers.

EMT Logistics offers all types of garment on hanger logistics work; from picking and packing to handheld steam pressing.

With the fast track jet system, EMT can off-load approximately six thousand light garments or four thousand heavy garments per hour through the six loading and unloading bays.

Xpediator has already begun delivering operational efficiencies by servicing some fashion warehousing clients out of Beckton.

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