Prepare for a Sustainable Supply Chain in 2023

As we try to move away from the disruptions of the past few years, many companies are trying to shift focus to a more positive future. When it comes to the global supply change, particular focal points taking priority in 2023 are those of sustainability, ethics and tackling issues surrounding modern slavery. 

We continue to see more companies exposed for poor ethical practices with some big fashion brands offering poor working conditions and other big named companies being found to use forced labour. 2023 will offer the opportunity to shine a light on these issues across multiple sectors, as well as another way in which companies can be transparent with their customers.

As we have mentioned in previous articles, resilience is also a high priority going into a new year, especially after the events of recent years. Building a more resilient supply chain will certainly be supported by more sustainable practices. 

The spotlight is certainly on supply chain organisations to take action against climate change as they sit right at the centre of the issue being seen as major contributors to carbon emissions and wastage. The role of organisations in the supply chain could be a pivotal one in driving change, according to Accenture supply chains ‘generate around 60% of all emissions globally.’ 

Conversations between organisations within the supply chain could help to drive a collaborative effort to reduce their carbon impact and create a ripple effect globally. As mentioned above, being transparent and visible at every stage can help support these changes over time. Transparency and visibility means that predictions can be made on past behaviours and help to put more sustainable practices in place. 

With much of the fallout from COVID19 and Brexit behind us, there is certainly a great deal of expectation on supply chains in 2023 to put these promises into practice. Building resilience in a sustainable way is set to be the future focus of our global supply chains.

30 12 2022
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