Also known as road transport solutions or haulage services, road freight logistics is the transport of cargo via roadways and is used worldwide, primarily for national transportation of goods but also internationally. Road freight logistics services are one of the most commonly used transport solutions for moving goods and due to highly accessible road networks, it is one of the most convenient freight forwarding services. Road freight services are also commonly used in combination with other shipping methods such as air courier and sea freight logistics services in order to facilitate final mile delivery and more.

Road freight logistics services can also be split into two categories, LTL and FTL:

LTL refers to ‘Less Than Truck Load’ or groupage services and are generally utilised by businesses which have smaller cargo and will therefore not fill an entire truck load. LTL is more cost-effective for smaller businesses, but it does mean that delivery generally takes longer compared to FTL due to the need for multiple stops along the way.

FTL refers to a ‘Full Truck Load’ and is generally opted for by businesses who have larger shipments, big enough to fill an entire load, or cargo which is more time sensitive due to the nature of the products being shipped (such as perishable goods), making this method of shipping more costly. 

You can find a more in-depth look at these two categories of road freight management services here:

Why choose road freight services for your transport solutions?

Road freight services have many advantages as they can be very cost-effective and therefore preferable for smaller or medium-sized organisations on a smaller budget. It is also a lot more flexible than other offerings being that roads are readily available in most locations and provide a straightforward network to transport goods easily from point of loading to destination. 

When moving goods entirely by road it offers the opportunity to make door to door deliveries and reduces the handling of cargo compared to that of sea or air freight services. There are of course downsides such as limited capacity, infrastructure, traffic and weather conditions. 

What does Xpediator offer?

Our road freight logistics division provides international freight forwarding and courier expertise for FTL and LTL groupage services and dedicated express customs clearances throughout Europe. As we have grown we have become a renowned road freight services provider in Europe connecting the UK with Central Eastern European markets.

As a group, we have dedicated operational road freight logistics offices in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania and the UK. Full load consignments are dispatched securely door to door, whilst part loads and single pallet deliveries are consolidated daily to our offices and exclusive partners throughout Europe.

Our road freight logistics divisions offer a variety of value-added express road freight services and regular departures via groupage services and full-load transport solutions. We use a range of equipment from express vans, box, tilt and mega trailers to specialised vehicles for hanging garment transport, refrigerated cargo and low loaders.

We have an experienced and knowledgeable team here at Xpediator, who will be able to help you with any queries you may have regarding our road freight logistics services or indeed any of our other transport support solutions. We can ensure your shipping experience is more straightforward and ultimately more successful for you and your business. 

To find out more about our freight forwarding, warehousing logistics services and more, please get in touch with one of our dedicated team here.

17 09 2021
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