European Garment Transport

Pan European services for the collection and delivery of hanging garments and carton deliveries into the UK

Once in the UK we can offer the expertise of both wet and dry garment processing services from our dedicated London fashion facility. From our facility we can organise the redistribution of your garments to anyway in the UK, whether it be a high street store, boutique shop, shopping centre or distribution centre. 

We will work with you hand-in-hand to deliver a transport operation that combines reliability, security and on time deliveries, underpinned by first class customer service.

Let us remove the complexities of your distribution requirements and experience a new way of working that is more efficient and reliable.

Specialist Garment Consolidation Service

Utilising our local consolidation centres, we can collect and receive garments either flat packed or on hangers, direct from garment factories across Europe for consolidation and distribution.

Trailer optimisation

Through effective planning and optimisation of high volume vehicles we significantly improve load efficiencies, without comprising the service. This also decreases the number of in-efficient low volume vehicles used and reduces carbon emissions significantly.

Pricing benefit

An additional benefit of our garment consolidation service is that we charge by category of garment, with no minimum cost applied, this is applicable even for small volumes.

Overview of Service

  • Consolidation of shipments throughout Europe.
  • Direct distribution service to/from Europe with express deliveries available.
  • International distribution optimised by using high volume trailers.
  • Scheduled services with options to cater for late productions.
  • Fixed unit transport price for finished products.
  • Cost savings & reduced carbon footprint.
  • Daily track and trace visibility.
  • UK warehousing and distribution solutions.
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