Port Centric Retail Logistics

Our retail logistics specialist, Delamode International Logistics, is among the leading port-centric retail logistics companies in the UK and Europe.

Operating from Southampton, Delamode International Logistics (Delamode) links intelligent networks of retail supply chain services with global real-time information to meet the new world of retailing.

Delamode provide port-centric logistics, retail supply chain services, warehouse storage, order fulfilment services, pre-retail, and distribution of multi-channel retail orders, right across the UK and Continental Europe.

Due to our location in Southampton our bonded warehousing and distribution centres allow stock to be held, free of duty and VAT, until sold to Market in the EU or transhipped, to external markets still under bond. Southampton also offers significant protection from the elements, by virtue of the geographical location, naturally sheltered from prevailing winds. Out of the two ports servicing Far East trade, Southampton maintains a great operational track record and benefits from a unique double tide which provides an exceptionally wide tidal window for access by the World’s largest container ships 24/7.

Dedicated UK distribution warehouse facilities and retail supply chain logistics centres

  • 2 high performance, multi-user warehousing and distribution centres
  • Port-centric logistics and warehouse distribution from our locations in Southampton
  • 52,000 pallet locations operational in Southampton
  • CFSP / Bonded warehousing and storage operations
  • Full AEO, IIP accreditation
  • Web linked information door to door
  • UK / Continental European retailers + B2C served daily
  • Expert pre-retailling and retail supply chain logistics services

To find out more about our port-centric logistics and retail supply chain services, contact us on +44(0) 330 043 2395 or email [email protected].

Port Centric Logistics Services

Located at the port, Import Services Limited operated Port Centric Logistics Services.

Purchase Order Management

Gain visibility and execute better control over your supply chain.


Stock Management 

Expertise in managing and controlling the inventory of stock flow.

Bonded Warehousing

Location in Southampton allows sock to be held free of duty and VAT until sold.

Multi-channel Distribution

Distribution solutions to suit retailers exact product fulfilment requirements.

AEO Certified

Our AEO status shows our supply chain is secure and customs controls are efficient.

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