Fashion & Retail Logistics

With over 30 years’ fashion warehousing solutions experience, we understand that manufacturers, brands and retailers of textiles and retail related products all rely on high quality and dependable fashion logistics services.

Our Group has developed robust operational and IT infrastructures and a spectrum of products that cater for every stage of the textile supply chain, from the production factory to the shop floor on an international scale. As fashion logistics specialists in international transport, storage, distribution, picking and preparing of hanging and carton garments, we deliver fashion warehousing solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of retailers and suppliers so that their products are immediately available for sale.

In addition to our dedicated transport service, we also have in place the platform to provide the most suitable cross-docking solution for our customers’ business needs. We can receive factory deliveries for consolidation, sort for a designated region, label and distribute.

UK Distribution

Services that seamlessly link production facilities to DC’s and UK high streets.

European Transport

Flexible and tailored delivery services for hanging and boxed deliveries.

Supply Chain Management

Delivering end to end retail logistics solutions.

Garment Processing 

Pre-retail services designed to improve the efficiency of our clients supply chain.

eCommerce Services 

Offering online businesses a complete one-stop-shop solution.

Freight Management Services

Management of the delivery of your goods from and to anywhere in the world.

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