The Benefits of Air Freight

Increasing global demand for expedited shipping has proven to be crucial in boosting the global economy and encouraging global trade. A high amount of goods rely on the air freight industry due to its speed, security and reliability especially when compared to other freight services available. It is for this reason that air freight is specifically favoured by time sensitive industries such as pharmaceuticals and retail. 

So what are the benefits of air freight which make it desirable for fast moving consumer goods and time sensitive industries such as medicine? Shipping via air freight has somewhat accelerated the shipping industry over the years, culminating in the global marketplace we know today with the demand for timely delivery at an all time high. 

Key Benefits of Air Freight

Fast International Shipping

Though it can be slightly more in cost it is worth it for moving goods fast. Air Freight is the fastest international shipping option in shipping when compared to Sea, Road and Rail. As this mode of transport is so much quicker it means it suits perishable and time sensitive items. Air freight is also highly reliable with dependable departure and arrival times and lower risk of delay.

Safe and Secure

Shipping goods by air offers a higher level of security, strict airport controls mean that there is much less likelihood of damage or theft. Airports also require less handling and shorter transit times adding to the efficiency of air freight services.

Fast Turnaround of Stock

Because Air Freight is a much faster shipping method, it means that it enables businesses to have a faster turnaround time for stock. This has a profound knock on effect on order fulfilment and customer relations especially in the lead up to peak periods such as black friday and christmas.


Air Freight often comes with the ability to have end-to-end tracking on your goods. This means that you can locate where your goods are at all times and keeptrack of any hold ups as they happen. 

Air Freight is usually the preferred method of sending goods if shorter and faster delivery dates are required. It is optimal for sending smaller, expensive goods quickly and securely. 

At Xpediator our air courier companies offer a flexible global consolidation, combined sea and air or direct air services. We provide customers with a comprehensive choice of transit times and cost-efficient services to suit their needs. 

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