The future for Xpediator is digital

2019 saw the Group substantially increase investment in the digitalisation of the business

We recognise there is a longer-term opportunityto automate multiple areas of the Group’s operations both back office and customer facing.

The foundations to achieve these ambitions have been laid through the appointment of key personnel and expansion of the internal IT team (including a strategically selected outsourced solution) tasked with transforming the digital footprint of Xpediator.

In 2019, the Group set out its strategy for digitalisation beginning with merging and integrating existing IT platforms and working towards groupwide solutions which encourage greater interaction between the Group’s 1,000+ employees, whilst reducing inefficiencies. Alongside new IT platforms being established the Group has substantially upgraded its cyber security throughout the geographies.

A primary objective for Xpediator is the transition towards an online e-forwarding model to host all freight forwarding transactions. An important step towards this has been the formation of a digital quotation and booking platform. This online tool provides customers with competitive price comparisons for the best rates which can then be booked online. This is now operational.

The next stage is the creation of a consolidated digital platform that delivers instant access to our vast network of reliable services through an intuitive platform, enabling customers of any size to generate quotes in real-time, tender a load with only a few clicks, and track their shipments from pickup to drop-off. This simplicity and transparency will enable customers to move freight at a scale and speed that was previously not possible.

Whilst a significant cost in these earlier years we expect to obtain significant future benefits with increased competitiveness and reduced overhead costs.

The future for Xpediator is digital.

01 08 2020
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