Understanding Freight Services

Successful order fulfilment relies heavily on exceptional freight connections and reliable transportation of goods. Even if a business offers the best product, at the fairest price with an exceptional website and brand, if the order fulfilment process is not up to standard it can very well prevent customers from returning.

What encourages consumers to return and make repeat purchases is often knowing they can get an excellent product and service but also fast and efficient delivery services. Nowadays consumers want products much faster and in major cities ecommerce sites such as Amazon are even offering same day delivery.

So how can we ensure that the delivery process is as fast and efficient as possible whilst also keeping costs to a minimum? Outsourcing fulfilment services means that businesses can delegate this responsibility to expert delivery service providers who have the experience and connections to offer swift, cost effective delivery. But fulfilment is reliant on goods being accessible in the first place via freight services.

What is a Freight Forwarder?

Freight forwarding companies act as intermediaries between companies making shipments and the final destination for that shipment. Due to the variety of freight options available Freight forwarders are able to offer a variety of services at various price levels. These forwarding companies usually handle large volumes of goods or shipments at one time.

Freight forwarders use connections and contacts with multiple carriers such as air transport, trucking companies and ocean carriers in order to negotiate the best possible rates for their clients. These options also allow the forwarding company to use the best possible routes to meet their client needs such as speed, cost and low risk.

What are Freight Services?

There are several different kinds of freight services available including road, rail, sea and air. Before choosing the right service for you it is important to consider the benefits and attributes of each kind and which best suits your business needs in particular.

Road freight, for example, is much more convenient for smaller deliveries and is also much more popular when moving goods nationally although it can be a cost effective way to transport goods internationally as well.

Rail freight is seen as a cost effective method to transport larger goods or bigger shipments. Often companies will use a combination of rail and road transport to move the goods to their final destination.

Sea freight is often used as an alternative to air freight as it is much more cost effective, however it does take much longer.

Air freight is one of the fastest ways to transport goods but it can be one of the most costly ways to ship and so it is usually advised that if timing is flexible then one of the other methods might be preferable.

How can Xpediator help?

Xpediator has companies within their freight forwarding division which are renowned for their high quality road transport solutions, air and sea freight services. With innovative, integrated supply chain services they can provide warehousing and fulfilment solutions and can also tailor transport solutions for a vast range of industry sectors.

To find out more details about our freight forwarding services, head here: https://xpediator.com/what-we-do/ or contact us on: [email protected]

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