What is true Customer Service?

True customer service is central to any business, but within supply chain logistics it is integral in order to satisfy the needs of multiple client’s varying business requirements.

It is, of course, important in terms of customer retention, but also in order for customers to walk away happy and share their positive experience with others. Xpediator works hard to sustain relationships and maintain a positive and valued reputation as a leading international freight forwarder.

So how do we ensure sustained relationships with our customers whilst delivering on the positive reputation of Xpediator in the supply chain logistics industry?

Understand Customer Requirements

We know our groupage services customers want to have a smooth, simplified experience which includes accurate and timely deliveries to meet their needs. Taking the time to comprehend our customer’s nuances enables us to adapt our services to meet requirements and give a more personalised experience.

Tailor and Adapt your Service

Leading on from our previous point, adapting our service to accommodate differing needs will strengthen the relationship with our customer. When you have a positive, tailored experience with us, we know that you will not only want to stay but you will be getting what you need for your business. We do know that this can only come with consistency, and so we work hard to maintain this as our client base grows. 


Communication really is the backbone of great customer service and with Xpediator you can be sure that you will be kept up to date with exterior and interior changes that could affect your processes. We deliver exceptional customer experience through our extensive supply chain logistics industry knowledge. 

Account Management

At Xpediator we will ensure that you have personalised account management in order to take care of your business needs efficiently. Assigning dedicated account management means that you will always have that central point of contact for any queries or concerns. It is also central in providing that personal experience with us and ensures the finer details are never missed or overlooked. 

Relevant Reporting

Reporting plays a critical role in staying on track and adapting to changing trends or unforeseen circumstances. We provide tailored KPI reporting for our customers which keep them up to date on information which directly feeds into their goals avoiding any irrelevant data. Our extensive reports and management information will provide measurable data in order to monitor performance. 

We know that when a customer has a positive experience with us, there is no reason to go elsewhere. As an international freight forwarding company we are committed to providing outstanding quality and customer care excellence, because of this we have many satisfied customers who believe in our integrated freight management services and keep coming back time and again. 

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